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Smoked salmon pâté

smoked salmon5

I've described how to make this look pretty, but you could just make the pâté alone and spread it on toast.


Serves 8 as a starter, or 4 as a light lunch


500g smoked salmon, in slices

150g crème fraîche

50g cream cheese

a couple of sprigs of dill

juice of half a lemon


To serve

brown bread or toast

lemon wedges

horseradish (optional)


Lay out a large sheet of clingfilm and lay about half the smoked salmon over the top, slightly overlapping. You're after a rectangle of salmon, smaller than the clingfilm, of about 20cm by 15cm.


Put the rest of the salmon into a food processor along with the crème fraîche, cream cheese and one sprig of dill. Pulse until combined. Add black pepper and the lemon juice, mix briefly and taste. You may want a bit more lemon juice.


Put a long line of the salmon pâté lengthways along the middle of the salmon rectangle. Roll it up gently so the salmon encases the pâté in a long roll. Secure the ends and refrigerate for at least an hour (you can keep it in the fridge for up to a couple of days like this).


When you are ready to serve, remove the clingfilm and cut into 8 small disks. Garnish with a little chopped dill and serve with brown bread, lemon wedges and a little creamed horseradish.

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