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Herbed salmon rotolo


I love rotoli, they are the easiest way to make fresh pasta for a large group of people and you can present them so nicely as well. You can serve this just as it is, or on a bed of wilted spinach.


The shape of a rotolo means you really need a fish kettle for best results, but you will can bend it slightly to fit into a large round pan, or make two shorter pieces. 


Serves 4 as a starter


For the rotolo

1 portion fresh pasta

200g salmon fillet, skin removed and pin-boned

30g fresh dill

a few sprigs of basil

a few sprigs of coriander

a little cream, no more than 50ml or so


For the sauce

a chunk of fresh ginger, about the size of  a golf ball

10ml soy sauce

10ml sesame oil

10ml balsamic vinegar

black pepper


Cut the salmon into small cubes. Chop the herbs finely and mix in with the salmon and just enough cream to bind the lot together.


Roll out your pasta into a piece measuring around 25cm x 20cm and about 1mm thick. (You can do this in a pasta machine by sticking two 10cm wide strips together.) Spread out a clean tea towel or piece of muslin on the kitchen surface and lay out the pasta sheet on top, with the long side closest to you.


Spread the filling on the pasta, leaving a 3 cm gap at both long ends, and perhaps a little more at the short ends. Moisten the long end of pasta farthest away from you and roll the whole thing up like a Swiss roll. Press on the short ends to seal them, creating a Christmas cracker shape. Encase the whole thing in the tea towel and tie both ends securely with string. Refrigerate until ready to cook, it will stay happily in the fridge for several hours at least.


Bring a large pan of salted water to the boil (preferably a fish kettle) and lower in the rotolo, tea towel and all. Simmer for 15 minutes.


Whilst the rotolo is cooking, peel the ginger, chop into thin matchsticks and put into a clean empty jam jar. Pour in the sesame oil, balsamic, and soy sauce. Grind in some black pepper and put the lid on.


When the rotolo is cooked, remove it carefully from the water and unroll the tea towel. Chop off the hard pasta ends and slice the rotolo into 8 round pieces, as if you were cutting a sushi roll. Place 2 rotolo pieces on each of four plates, shake the jam jar vigorously and spoon over the sauce along with the ginger pieces. Serve immediately.

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