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Other supperclubs in Berlin


We get a lot of enquiries from visitors to Berlin who are here only for a very short time. As we only host dinners once a month, this means that we frequently have to disappoint people when we aren't holding an event during the period that they're visiting.


As a result, we find ourselves typing replies with recommendations for other supperclubs in Berlin every few days. To save time in future, we thought we'd write this blog post with details of what we know about our fellow supperclub hosts.


We have personally eaten at and would highly recommend the following:


Fisk & Gröönsaken

Small supperclub in Prenzlauer Berg serving pescetarian cuisine (no meat) to up to 8 guests. The hosts are an exceptionally friendly German couple who go out of their way to make guests feel at home in their home. The food was beautifully presented and extremely tasty. With recommended donations usually not much more than 20,00€ per person, they also represent the best value supperclub in Berlin. I stand in awe at how they are able to produce such excellent food for so little money!


Good Stuff

Another British chef, this one with a mission "to show that English cuisine is more than fish, chips and Jamie Oliver". She's passionate about using locally-sourced ingredients to serve up simple and delicious food to guests in a charming and unusual apartment in Neukölln. Service was provided by an equally lovely Canadian woman.

Update: The chef of this supperclub now runs a bar in Neukölln: Geist im Glas and her supperclubs now take place there, on a weekly basis.


Jung Grün & Blau

Dinner takes place in a loft space workshop at a communal table, seating up to 8, with an open kitchen, most Fridays and Saturdays. The young, enthusiastic hosts use ingredients from regional suppliers and artisans, who are equally passionate about good food. The chef trained professionally in Japan and this influence is reflected in his cooking: expect a tasting menu of exquisite, minimalist dishes. At 85€ a head, this is the most expensive supper club in Berlin, but if you appreciate high-end, conceptual cuisine, you will think it worthwhile.


Krauted Haus

Helmed by two young women, one German/Persian, one American, in an apartment in Neukölln. We went on their vegetarian night and sampled a range of great food, including homemade pickles, gnocchi alla romana and a blow-away salted chocolate caramel cake. Seats up to 16 guests, with a lively atmosphere.


Loteria Supperclub

Loteria in Friedrichshain hosts up to 12 guests in a dramatically coloured apartment. The hostess is from San Diego and serves Mexican/Californian cuisine. She is a bit of a perfectionist in sourcing authentic ingredients (getting visitors from the States to bring her chipotles, for instance) and this dedication shines through in the high quality of her cooking.


Metti Una Sera A Cena

Usually serving up to 8 people, this supperclub in Prenzlauer Berg also has occasional "tasting parties" for larger groups. They are a young Italian couple serving modern Italian cuisine of high quality. The hosts are artists and Metti Una Sera A Cena dinners take place in their studio which comprises one large room of their apartment. Their artistry spills across onto the plates with very attractively presented plates of food.



More of a pop-up restaurant than a supper club; nevertheless, Mulax certainly belongs in this list. Run by a young German brother/sister team, their motto is "Kunst.Kultur.Kulinarik." (Art.Culture.Cuisine.) and they describe themselves as a social network dining room. Two long tables seat up to 24 guests in a courtyard location in Kreuzberg. We went to one of their upmarket ("gehoben") supper club evenings and ate a delicious and innovative menu prepared before our eyes by chef Kristof.


Phoebe in Berlin

We've welcomed Phoebe a couple of times as a guest at Thyme Supperclub and were delighted to hear that she's started her own supper club in Friedrichshain. She's from Taiwan, but classically trained as a chef in the French style. Suppers alternate between French evenings and Chinese evenings; we went on a Chinese evening. The food was great, from a powerfully flavoured pineapple and olive canape to a delicate and delicious steamed fish. This was really innovative and unusual Chinese cooking - and Phoebe tells us her French food is even better! Service charmingly provided by Matthias, Phoebe's husband.


The Owling Supperclub

A candlelit apartment in Berlin Mitte with a British/Lebanese chef. Her food was seasonal, simple and excellent, attractively presented without any fussiness. The other half of the operation is the chef's Swiss boyfriend who served us with charm and flair.



Run by a Finnish/German couple, this supper club's name is taken from the Finnish word for butter. They cook for up to 10 guests in their Wedding apartment. They are inspired by food from all over the world, but there are always some classic dishes from their home countries on the menu. Recommended donation is a very affordable and good-value 25€ with optional wine pairing at 15€. Highly recommended.


Zuhause Berlin

Zuhause opened their doors for their first dinner in September 2011. It's run by a friendly Irish/Canadian couple, one of whom is a professional chef with experience in restaurants and on private yachts. Their food is contemporary European with international influences and they serve up to 12 guests. We ate there on New Year's Eve and had a great time. If you're after a good tasting menu for a fraction of the price you'd pay in a restaurant, this is the supper club for you.



In addition, there are several other supper clubs in Berlin where we haven't yet had a chance to sample their wares ourselves. These are:


B Alive

With up to 10 guests, host Boris serves a 4-course dinner consisting entirely of raw vegan food in a stylish loft house in Kreuzberg. Don't be put off by the raw vegan bit, we've been assured that "you won't get served a hippie salad bowl with sprouts and shredded carrots. Boris's creations are little pieces of art offering a unknown experience in delicate flavors and textures." With an emphasis on seasonality and organic food, we're very interested in going along soon to try this unusual cuisine "uncooked" from thoughtfully sourced ingredients.


Chī Fàn

The name means "to eat a meal" in Chinese. Hostess and chef Ashlee, from Shanghai, plans to introduce people to authentic home made Chinese cuisine. She's already got a name for herself as the "dumpling diva" and now she's planning on bringing even more authentic Chinese specialities to Berlin. We've had the pleasure of sampling some of her food at other events and are very excited about this new addition to the scene.



Another vegan supperclub, Cornucopia opened their doors for the first time in November 2012. They don't have a fixed location, but events always happen in private residences, usually in Kreuzberg. We've had the pleasure of entertaining Sabine, one of the hostesses, ourselves, and have every confidence that Cornucopia will be a great addition to the scene.


Daniel's Eatery

Daniel hosts up to 10 guests in Prenzlauer Berg on two consecutive days a month. His food is international, with a seasonal element and he's particularly interested in bringing a twist to familiar ingredients or dishes, to present them in an unusual way, or in a new context. We're looking forward to trying it out soon.



A very small and intimate supper club in Schöneberg, Festin serves up to 6 guests, but really specialises in creating romantic evenings for couples. So if you want to pop the question to your partner, this is the place to bring him/her. Hostess Deborah is from New York City, cooks a whole range of cuisines (with truffles and chipotles listed on her website as two particular obsessions) and will take requests for special dishes. She'll also travel and cook for you in your own home.


Hand in Mouth

Offering a cheaper alternative for "poor students", Hand in Mouth promises "three or four courses of simple food with a suggested donation of 15€ including wine. And we are not afraid to serve pasta dishes." A welcome addition to the scene, as most Berlin supperclubs (ourselves included) break the 50€ mark when wine is factored in. Hostess Theodora runs a small operation, with up to 4 guests, most Saturday evenings.


I Eat You

A pop-up restaurant in Kreuzberg, the I Eat You team run specially designed events for a couple of weeks on the trot, before breaking down and reemerging the next month or so with a new design and concept. Menus are devised by guest chefs and partnered with entertainment, art, music and so on. We saw some great reviews of their latest incarnation "I Eat You at Chalet" and hope to be able to go along soon.


Mother's Mother

Mother's Mother is a dinner club that celebrates Mothers' and Grandmothers' food from around the world. Every meal is created by a new chef and pays homage to one single Mother. Organiser Kavita finds chefs and cooks and tasks them with creating a special menu based on the food they grew up eating as a child. A great concept, and we'll certainly be going along soon.


Mund Art Berlin

Gourmet vegan food in a variety of Berlin locations. The number of guests depends on the venue, but they generally cater for larger groups, with most dinners seating between 20 - 40 people. They prefer to use regional products where possible, and enjoy seeking out special ingredients from small producers, with interesting stories behind them. Hostesses and cooks, Felicia and Nicole, are both food bloggers of longstanding with a real passion for culinary veganism.

Parlour Dinners

This supper club takes place in a showroom for handmade wooden furniture and seems to be designed to showcase quality food and unique handmade furniture. We particularly like the concept of bringing the hand-designed furniture to the forefront - as every host knows, a great party is about more than just great food.


Project Supperclub

Awaiting more details from the host.


Rollin Restaurant

More of a pop-up restaurant than a supper club, but certainly falling into the underground dining scene. Three trained chefs seek out unusual locations and host one-off events for up to 40 people. We haven't been, but have heard very good things from Überlin and Berlin Tourist. Rumoured to be very difficult to get a place at.



A "concept" supper club in Kreuzberg, serving up to fifteen people, hostess Kerstin plans her dinners around individual mottos. Every event is unique. Upcoming dinners (as of early 2014) include a Valentine’s dinner (in pink), Martin Kippenberger Tribute Evening, an Italian Futurist Evening dedicated to Marinetti, and "seven deadly sins"…


Skyline Cuisine

Awaiting more information from the host.


Slavica Hilscher

Hosting between six and twelve guests in Charlottenburg, Slavica specialises in fondue. She provides a three-course meal, cheese fondue as a starter, meat/vegetable fondue as a main and chocolate fondue as dessert.


Sophien Cafe

A brand new supper club opening its doors for the first time in July 2012, hostesses Astrid and Meghnan met at school in India and specialise in serving authentic Bengali food "with love" in their eclectic home. Additionally, Astrid is a trained pastry chef, so we expect her traditional Bengali sweets and desserts will be particularly amazing. Given the dearth of good Indian restaurants in Berlin, this is welcome news indeed. With recommended donations for the first dinner given at 22€, Sophien Cafe is also towards the more affordable end of the supper club scene.


Speisenklub Neukölln

Run by a German woman, Speisenklub Neukölln meets on the last Sunday of every month with up to 20 guests. Menus and locations change every time, but they have always an emphasis on fresh and preferably organic ingredients (see Cathrin's comment below).


Tabula Rasa: the Green vs the Greek

A fabulous concept: Tabula Rasa pits Julia and Julia, the two chefs/hostesses, against each other and guests are asked to vote at the end for the "winner". One chef: "The Green" specialises in vegetarian/wholefood cuisine; the other "The Greek" is indeed half Greek, used to help at her parents' restaurant and enjoys cooking with meat and fish. Additionally, they donate one third of profits to charity.


The Shy Chef

The original supperclub in Berlin, the Shy Chef changed hands a couple of years or so ago and is now run by a Greek man. Since the handover, The Shy Chef has unfortunately attracted a number of negative reviews. Our understanding is that cooking is now usually done by professional "guest chefs" and hosting takes place in a variety of apartments around Berlin.


Veggie Chicken

A small monthly supper club for up to eight guests in Moabit. The hosts are a young team of three students, who prepare a high quality three-course vegetarian meal "from all over the world", and serve it to guests in their shared flat. They promise good food, a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere with an open kitchen and great conversation.


Die Weinküche

This supper club does things the other way around: first they find their wines, they they devise the menu to match. Hostess Kerstin will typically select a region of the world and then present 6-8 carefully matched wines and food from that area. Seats up to ten people, with a recommended donation of 50-70€, depending on the theme of the evening.


Zagreus Projekt

The Zagreus Projekt is not exactly a supper club, but certainly falls into the category of alternative dining. Set in a small art gallery in Brunnenstrasse, the concept is that an artist works in conjunction with the chef to create an installation and menu that is inspired by the art. Installations change every couple of months or so, and the menu alters accordingly. Dinners are held every two weeks or so, and Zagreus hosts around twenty guests.


As far as we're aware, this is an exhaustive list of Berlin supperclubs. If anyone knows of any others, please do let us know so we can add them to this list.


For supperclubs outside of Berlin, this website run by Kerstin Rodgers AKA MsMarmiteLover has a good worldwide list.


Posted by Caroline on 8 February 2011 | 10 Comments

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  • Hi Caroline,
    sure, that's perfectly OK with me. Looking forward to seeing that list, hope to find new candidates for my site there :)

    Best wishes

    Posted by Anke, 09/11/2012 11:12am (9 years ago)

  • Hi Anke, thanks for the link, it looks great. I'm actually going to be posting a page soon listing all supperclubs in Germany (that I know of) and I'll link to your website there as well, if that's ok with you. All the best,

    Posted by Thyme Supperclub, 08/11/2012 10:18am (9 years ago)

  • Hi Caroline,

    I've just come across this list of Berlin supper clubs. Very recently, I started a blog site on supper clubs, underground restaurants etc. with a focus on Germany. It's in early stages, so give it some time to grow.... Still, I thought you and maybe others might be interested: www.funtastyadventures.com.

    Happy to do a little feature on Thyme Supper Club also if you agree...?

    Regards from Cologne

    Posted by Anke, 07/11/2012 9:03pm (9 years ago)

  • Hi Marinos

    would be really great to meet you too. IFA's the first week of Sept, right? Drop me a line at caroline@thyme-supperclub.de when you know your schedule.


    Posted by Thyme Supperclub, 03/08/2012 5:37pm (9 years ago)

  • hey caroline,

    hope to visit your supperclub soon,
    will be in berlin at the IFA-fair for a week.

    would be nice to meet you,

    keep up the good work !

    greek greetings from cologne,


    Posted by marinos, 03/08/2012 3:08pm (9 years ago)

  • Hi Deborah

    Check out the contact/reservations page (http://thyme-supperclub.com/contact/) for details of forthcoming dinners - though we're actually fully booked at the moment for all available dates.

    I'll add Festin to my list - just seen your second message!

    Hope to meet you soon.


    Posted by Thyme Supperclub, 25/06/2012 5:04pm (9 years ago)

  • Hello from Festin again, Thought I should also provide you with my website :)
    Hope to meet you soon!

    Posted by Deborah, 25/06/2012 4:58pm (9 years ago)

  • Hello, A friend of mine told me to check out your page. As I just started a supper club here in Berlin called Festin and am looking to also try out other supper clubs in town! I would love to know when your next dinner will take place!

    Posted by Deborah, 25/06/2012 4:54pm (9 years ago)

  • hi,
    this is a great list of supper clubs in berlin! i visited some of them, but i have to confess yours is still in my list. i'll try next year.
    meanwhile i have started my own one, called speisenklub neukölln. i am having so much fun with it. and a growing fan community, which i am very proud of.

    we are on facebook
    and have a blog too

    food styles, locations and decoration will vary, but one thing will remain the same: we are very commited with quality, we do everything from scratch and if possible, we use only organic ingredients.
    would be great to see you around sometime!
    cheers cathrin

    Posted by Cathrin Brandes, 07/11/2011 9:44pm (10 years ago)

  • Thank you very much for the kind words above. Hope to visit your supper club soon.
    Kelsie and Mel

    Posted by kelsie, 10/02/2011 3:37pm (10 years ago)

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